Bondi To

Bondi to Coogee in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs about 7 km from Sydney's CBD is blessed with great sandy and surf Beaches. Bondi Beach, the world famous beach, visited by locals as well as visiting tourists popular with both surfers, swimmers and fitness lovers. Mackenzie Beach when its low tide and Mackenzie Bay when its a high tide. Tamarama Beach, narrow sandy beach and strong waves is popular with surfers. Bronte Beach, with rock pool and beach parkland is another beach popular with surfers. Clovelley Beach, a family friendly beach attracting families and groups. Gordons Bay, located between North Coogee and South Clovelley is popular for swimming, snorklling and scuba diving. Coogee Beach, with cafe,hotel and restaurants is popular with family. Maroubra Beach is popular with surfers.